We believe in accessibility.

Rates for individual coaching/consultation services are on a sliding scale and range from $75-250 per hour. Factors including the complexity of the client's needs and socioeconomic pressures, such as those caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, are taken into account.

Clients who lose employment or come into other financial hardships are invited to negotiate lower rates, while people whose financial situation improves are welcome to pay more. It is up to each client to decide whether to disclose this information. 

1 in every 10 workshop spots is "pay what you can”. These registrations are reserved for people experiencing financial hardship. People of color, indigeous people, LGBTQ idenitfying folks, immigrants, people with disabilities, survivors of violence, and others from historically marginalized groups are highly encouraged to participate. 

Clients who pay full price have the option to pay extra, which goes directly into a scholarship fund that supports our ability to provide pro bono services.

We will take pro bono and reduced-rate clients when possible and periodically make some services available for free. Sign up to learn more about special offers!

These practices may evolve over time as this project evolves. If you have questions or would like to stay in the loop about reduced pricing and pro bono services, please send us a message.


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