Hi, I'm Mikayla. 

I'm the founder and owner of Drug Education Consulting. I'm a behavioral health coach and mindfulness teacher who helps individuals and communities solve drug problems.

Every family needs practical strategies to avoid and respond to addiction and overdose, especially as the illegal drug supply becomes increasingly contaminated with fentanyl.

Parents whose teens are using drugs, individuals who use drugs, people in recovery, and therapists who work with drug users trust my guidance and expertise.

I specialize in helping thoughtful parents support their teen through the risks and challenges of drug use. While most teens who experiment with drugs will self-regulate and never develop an addiction, some teens will have a hard time slowing down before they've got a chaotic mess on their hands. Whether my clients are getting ready to have their first "drug talk" or their teen has a full-blown addiction, I help parents intervene at any stage of their child's relationship with drugs. Learn more.

I also coach people who are using drugs and need support. Learn more.

My approach is rooted in harm reduction, a philosophy that prioritizes evidence-based methods and individual autonomy while avoiding ineffective tactics like fear, shame, punishment, and coercion.

I've completed certifications and trainings for harm reduction, drug education, overdose prevention, mindfulness meditation, and peer support. I earned an undergraduate degree from the University of Maryland in 2014 and will graduate from the University of Louisville with a Masters in Clinical Social Work in 2024.

I've spent the last 12 years advocating for policies and programs that improve health outcomes for people who use drugs. My writing has been submitted as official testimony to more than 25 state legislatures and US Congress.


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