Hi, I'm Mikayla. 

I'm the founder and owner of Drug Education Consulting. I'm a behavioral health coach and mindfulness teacher who helps individuals and communities solve drug problems.

Every family needs practical strategies to avoid and respond to addiction and overdose, especially as the illegal drug supply becomes increasingly contaminated with fentanyl.

Parents whose teens are using drugs, individuals who use drugs, people in recovery, and therapists who work with drug users trust my guidance and expertise.

I specialize in helping thoughtful parents support their teen through the risks and challenges of drug use. While most teens who experiment with drugs will self-regulate and never develop an addiction, some teens will have a hard time slowing down before they've got a chaotic mess on their hands. Whether my clients are getting ready to have their first "drug talk" or their teen has a full-blown addiction, I help parents intervene at any stage of their child's relationship with drugs. Learn more.

I also coach people who are using drugs and need support. Learn more.

My approach is rooted in harm reduction, a philosophy that prioritizes evidence-based methods and individual autonomy while avoiding ineffective tactics like fear, shame, punishment, and coercion.

I've completed certifications and trainings for harm reduction, drug education, overdose prevention, mindfulness meditation, and peer support. I earned an undergraduate degree from the University of Maryland in 2014 and will graduate from the University of Louisville with a Masters in Clinical Social Work in 2024.

I've spent the last 12 years advocating for policies and programs that improve health outcomes for people who use drugs. My writing has been submitted as official testimony to more than 25 state legislatures and US Congress.

Mikayla Speaking at Catharsis in 2019

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  • Working with Mikayla and her collaborators is very simple and transparent. She was able to negotiate our concerns with ease and adapt her work and programming to suit our audience. Mikayla shared ideas with us quickly and professionally, putting together proposals and executing them punctually and as expected in dynamic event circumstances. It's great to work with someone who is knowledgeable and respectful in this uniquely evolving space. We highly recommend her and hope to see her important work and substantial skill set get the platform it deserves. Read more

    Lia Holland, Portland, OR
  • The first time I saw Mikayla speak, I was utterly entranced. An hour had passed and I was left wanting more - to absorb all the person-centered and harm reduction based education she had to share. She offered evidence-based and realistic approaches to substance use that range far beyond the "party scene." She graciously tackled topics, that I, as a nurse, have seen other health providers evade simply out of their own lack of education surrounding substance use. Mikayla is honest in her approach and knowledgeable. She is the consummate example of cool and brilliant in her presentation and makes vital information accessible to everyone. I am thrilled to have a resource like Mikayla on my side as a community health practitioner." Read more

    Rosa Moudine, RN, Washington, DC
  • Mikayla’s approach to consultation is supportive, inquisitive, and effective. She asks useful questions to fully understand a need or situation before offering suggestions, and she takes the time to consider factors that may have otherwise been missed. Her thoughtfulness also allows her to take action in situations where quick thinking and action are needed. Her knowledge of harm reduction, especially as it applies to nightlife and events is extremely valuable, and since she takes time to really understand the needs of those with whom she works, her delivery methods when educating others are appropriate and effective. Mikayla is also an excellent and dependable mentor, providing quality support and guidance to those in her community. I am grateful to know her. Read more

    Vilmarie Narloch, PsyD Drug Education Manager, Students for Sensible Drug Policy
  • "Having attended several harm reduction workshops facilitated by Mikayla, I can say I have benefited immensely. Her workshops de-stigmatize drug users so we feel comfortable asking questions and can make sure our desire to have a good night doesn't turn into our last. I would now consider myself far more knowledgeable about how to keep myself and my friends safer." Read more

    A. M., Guest Teacher, Washington, DC
  • "Mikayla is full of wisdom when it comes to a topic you want to learn more about and full of innovation in ways you may not expect. She makes a point to remain well informed on recent topics and trends both locally and nationwide. She stands out because she is truly kind and compassionate."​ Read more

    S.B., Prosecutor, Maryland