Drug Education Consulting provides trauma-informed behavioral health education and coaching. Our specialty is helping parents and guardians solve drug problems. We bring together advocacy and public health experts to help drug users and their families prevent and address problematic drug use (i.e. "addiction" or "drug abuse").

Abstinence is the safest option, but not everyone is ready for sobriety. Shame and punishment do not inspire sobriety. In fact, shame and punishment push people into hiding where they may use drugs - and potentially overdose - alone.

If you or someone you love is using drugs, you have options. Eliminating risk is impossible, but you can reduce risks by first acknowledging that drug use is occurring and then understanding how reduce harm to health and safety. This is the best place from which to work toward abstinence, if that is the desired outcome. 

For parents, harm reduction is intuitive. You want your child to be safe and healthy, so you put them in a car seat. You put sunscreen on them at the beach. And you get them a helmet with their first bike. With your guidance - and some testing of your boundaries - they learn to take care of themselves. If your child isn’t ready to be sober, they should know how to use drugs responsibly. This means having the tools to manage dosage, understanding how drugs interact with each other and with psychiatric diagnoses, having access to safe environments with trustworthy people, practicing safer ingestion methods, and much more. We can help you get closer to your child, manage the risks of their drug use, and motivate them to make safer choices. Is your child using drugs? Schedule a free consult today. 

Most drug users have been left behind by the abstinence-only model and lack of harm reduction support. If you use drugs, you may feel isolated and afraid. Your relationship with drugs might be a serious problem, or maybe you’re experimenting. With the right information and support, you can take charge of your relationship with drugs. Whether you’re ready to be sober, want to cut back, or simply need guidance on safer drug use, we can help. Schedule a free consult today.

Are you a counselor, therapist, teacher, school administrator, or event producer? Are you in another field where you work closely with people who use drugs? We can help you better serve your clients or community with private consultation and custom programming. Schedule a free consult today.

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