Support for Parents & Teens

Addiction and overdose are preventable with the right strategies and timely intervention.

Contact me if...

> your teen is struggling with drug use

> your teen is experimenting with drugs
> you feel unprepared to talk to your children about drugs 
> you are concerned about social media, peer pressure, and other influences
> you want to help your teen prevent serious health and legal consequences of drug use
> or, you think your teen needs therapy or rehab, but they don't want to go. 

What to Expect

Stay close with your teen. A strong bond with you makes your teen safer.

Practice skillful communication. Learn thoughtful responses to risky behaviors. This will also improve your relationship and make your child safer.

Set sustainable goals. Your child's needs and strengths will inform our personalized plan. 

Guide with love. Help your teen find inner motivation for behavioral change without punishment or coercion. "Tough love" is a myth. The opposite of addiction is connection. 

Precise intervention. I support you as you support your teen - no matter how serious the situation. Whether they are just starting to get curious about drugs or they have a serious addiction, I can help.


"I'm the parent of a teenager who was just beginning to experiment with drugs when I reached out to Mikayla. In our first call, she opened up a whole toolbox for me. She is a calm, authoritative voice of reason and offers sensible, actionable information that’s been hard-won through experience and training. With her help, I’m optimistic that I can help my son navigate his teens safely while strengthening our relationship. Working with her is one of the best things I’ve done as a parent."
— Caitlin

"Mikayla’s approach to consultation is supportive, inquisitive, and effective. She asks useful questions to fully understand a need or situation before offering suggestions, and she takes the time to consider factors that may have otherwise been missed. Her thoughtfulness also allows her to take action in situations where quick thinking and action are needed." — Dr. Vilmarie Narloch, PsyD, clinical psychologist


New clients are asked to commit to at least three sessions. Single sessions are available after the first three. Thank you for understanding!

Sessions never expire.

All interested clients can schedule a free 15 minute consult before making any commitments.

Package A: $600

- Three one-hour sessions with parents only.
- Supplementary self-guided materials.
- Email & text access between sessions.

Package B: $1150 ($50 discount)

- Six one-hour sessions with parents and/or teens.
- Supplementary self-guided materials.
- Email & text access between sessions.

Package C:  $2450 ($150 discount)
Best for teens who have a serious drug problem.

- Twelve one-hour sessions + one emergency ASAP session with parents and/or teens
- Supplementary self-guided materials.
- Email & text access between sessions.

**Pay-What-You-Can option available on a limited basis.
Families experiencing financial hardship are encouraged to inquire.**

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